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Farrah Chaichi for Oregon

I’m Farrah Chaichi and I’m running to be a voice for the people as the Democratic State Representative for House District 35.


I’m running because the current political system prioritizes corporate profits over our well-being, and tax breaks for the wealthy over basic human rights and our environment. We need bold leaders with the vision to fight for the working class, who are not afraid to stand up to big business and the 1%. We need leaders who will bring together our diverse community into a movement towards justice, equality, compassion and solidarity. With your support, I hope to be one of those leaders.

If you support the same vision as me I hope you will consider supporting my campaign and voting for me this November.

I’ve known Farrah from her time on the Human Rights Advisory Committee. She has always been an unrelenting advocate for human rights and she shows up time and time again for candidates and her community. I’m proud to show up for her and endorse her for House District 35. 


Lacey Beaty, Mayor of Beaverton


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Working to pass transformative, progressive legislation


Proud to have the support of these community leaders

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