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Meet Farrah

A lifelong champion for human rights


I am lifelong resident of Beaverton. My mother was from The Dalles and my father came from Iran. After meeting at the University of Portland and later getting married, my parents moved to Beaverton in the 80s. They raised my brother and I with the belief that we only needed to attend school, work hard, go to college, and we could get good jobs that would afford us a life like theirs.


Unfortunately, the ever-growing inequality of our current system has made it impossible for myself and millions of other hard-working people to obtain those promised opportunities.

When I joined Amnesty International in high school, I began to understand the depth of injustices our world faced. Because of this, I chose to study criminal justice and political science in college so I could help build a more equitable society. Later, I found that while school provides a good foundation, how to actually make political change is not something that is taught in a classroom.

In 2014, I followed the example of friends and I started attending political meetings, joined organizations, hit the pavement for candidates, protested in the streets, and was appointed to the Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission (HRAC). My time serving on HRAC gave me a chance to examine some of our local issues with human rights closely, but my position gave me no power to address those issues.


I have life experiences that are very familiar in our community but are underrepresented in our legislature. From personal experiences with crushing student loan debt to displacement from increased housing costs, I have felt the impacts of our State's policies that put profits over people. That's why I'm running to be your next House District 35 Representative.

Our current political system prioritizes corporate profits over our well-being, and tax breaks for the wealthy over basic human rights and our environment. We need bold leaders with the vision to fight for the working class, who are not afraid to stand up to big business and the 1%.

We need leaders who will bring together our diverse community into a movement towards justice, equality, compassion, and solidarity. With your support, I hope to be one of those leaders.

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